Incidencia de caídas y necesidad de formación en técnicas protegidas y seguras de caer (safe fall) en practicantes de deportes de tabla

The World Health Organization (WHO, 2018)
determines falls as the second major cause of
accidental injuries leading to death and considers the
research and development programs related to them a
priority. With the increasing popularity of
skateboarding and boardsports, medical centers have
experienced an increment of injuries.
Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to identify if
skateboarders, and people who practice boardsports,
know the risk of falls, what kind of training they have
had in terms of falls, and if they consider important a
specific training on safe and protected techniques
from falling.
For this purpose, the INFOSECA questionnaire
(Campos-Mesa, Corral-Pernía, Chacón-Borrego, &
Castañeda-Vázquez, 2017) and the WHO
questionnaire for the study of falls (WHO, 1989)
were answered by 285 of these sportspeople (211
men and 74 women).
Results revealed that 92% of the surveyed population
has fallen sometime in the last two years (49% of
them have fallen 5 or more times). Only 7% know
that WHO determines falls as the second major cause
of accidental injuries, and 99% attach great
importance to the inclusion of specific training in the
field of falls. In addition, more than 70% of the
population has never received any specific training in
The findings imply that it is necessary to introduce
and develop an active intervention program in safe
and protected techniques to fall, in order to minimize
the consequences of accidental falls in these sports,
responding to the current problem that it has been
facing from different public organisms such as the
World Health Organization.